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Please read through the FAQs, the response you are looking for may be here. 

  • How do I book?

Answer: Please use our website and our direct number.


  • I sent a DM, why didn't I get a response?

Answer: we do not communicate or book appts via DM Facebook or Instagram.


  •  Can I come in today?

Answer: Book by Appointment Only.


  • Where can I order your handmade loc extensions?

Answer: or via phone number.


  • What size or how many extensions should I order?

Answer: Book a consultation for most accuracy. 


  • Can you reattach my natural locs that I cut off?

Answer: Absolutely. Your hair must be at least 3 inches. 


  • Can I bring my own extensions?

Answer: Certainly, A consultation will deliver more details.


  • Do y’all do straight hair clients? 

Answer: We are experienced in all hair textures.


  • I live out of state, can I book?

Answer: Certainly, we service many clients out of state. Consultation is required virtually.​

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